Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Dry Ridge Monster

From the Kentucky Post, August 27, 2001:

In July 1964 things were hopping in Grant County. The annual county fair was about to start its four-day run on the grounds of Grant County High School. Among the events were horseshoe pitching, baby show, Miss Grant County competition, Junior Woman's Club variety show and flower show sponsored by the Carlsbad Garden Club.

Then ''it'' was seen.

''It'' was described as big, dark, about 7 feet tall with shiny eyes. ''It'' was seen at a trash dump off U.S. 36. With each pasing night, word spread of the monster. Carloads of people came out to try to catch a glimpse of the beast. Some people reported seeing bear-like footprints.

One local farmer said the crowds were a nuisance, ''shouting and shooting.'' He asked people to stay away, saying there was no monster.

Making headlines daily in The Kentucky Post, the matter turned serious when two 17-year-old boys were accidentally struck by shotgun pellets fired by a group of teen-agers hunting for the monster. The injuries were not life-threatening.

Meanwhile, police were receiving reports of other monster sightings.

Finally, officers speculated the ''monster'' was probably just an eccentric man, well known to police, who tended to wander around after dark, but who was apparently harmless.

They also announced plans to begin citing the carloads of people, many from Kenton and Campbell counties, who continued to show up for the monster hunts. One night officers chased away 14 carloads, many of which had people ''running around half-cocked with shotguns.''

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