Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mt. Washington Cattle Mutilation?

Last summer I happened upon this pair of cattle, quite muddy and quite dead, in the middle of a field near Mt. Washington, KY. Although I couldn't see any signs of classic mutilation for all the mud, they were clearly out of place in the middle of a field of a farm which was not a livestock farm.

Some would jump to the conclusion that they were dropped there by aliens after experimentation. I wouldn't quite go that far... I think.


DH said...

I'm guessing you don't have a regular full time job because I live just north of Mt Washington and I could never conceive of happening upon two dead calves in the middle of a field out there...LOL!!! It sure would be interesting to hang out with you for a day or two.

That being said, this being Kentucky I'm willing to bet there is a much more mundane explanation. Though there was a time or two that I swear I've watched a light in the sky just disappear not too far from here. Of course that was while driving back in from one of my trips to Anderson County via 44...44 is an entity all it's own...

JSH said...

This is my regular full time job!

But yeah, I seriously doubt there's any paranormal connection to these dead calves, but there is a collective cultural myth being shaped about dead cattle being dropped off miles from where they were plucked by a UFO or a black helicopter, or what have you. So I thought it was worth mentionin'.

DH said...


Emphasis on regular my friend...standing here I wouldn't classify what you do as regular...schmoes like myself have to punch a clock (boy I'd LIKE to) and get a check every week. You are out there doing what you want/love to do and doing a mighty fine job of it.

Simply put: you are my hero!