Friday, December 26, 2008

The Bridges of Kentucky

For those of you who have an unexplainable obsession with bridges - and I know you're out there - the "street view" feature on Google Maps can be quite a handy toy, allowing you to traverse Kentucky's bridges virtually.

  • Madison-Milton Bridge, Milton, KY

  • Cumberland River Falls Bridge, Whitley County, KY

  • Boonesboro Bridge, Boonesboro, KY

  • Sherman Minton Bridge, Louisville, KY

  • Clark Bridge, Louisville, KY

  • Gordon Hill Pike Bridge, Corbin, KY

  • Paducah Bridge, Paducah, KY

  • J.R. Miller Blvd Bridge, Owensboro, KY

  • Lake Barkley US 68 Bridge, Cadiz, KY

  • Clays Ferry Bridge, Clays Ferry, KY

  • Ironton-Russell Bridge, Ashland, KY

  • Roebling Suspension Bridge, Covington, KY

    And while Google currently doesn't let us street-view the William H. Natcher Bridge in Daviess County, we do get to go underneath it, at least:


    John B. said...

    My grandfather lived in Frankfort and worked as a state bridge inspector; all I really remember about his job was the various women's groups in Frankfort getting pissed because he kept painting the bridges blue. Every bridge would get a fresh coat after inspection as part of the general upkeep but also so you could easily see how long it had been since a bridge was inspected.

    Long after his retirement he would go in rants about how no one was inspecting the bridges anymore; I think the Old Clay's Ferry Bridge (under the interstate on Old Richmond Rd) is a good example of an out-of-sight out-of-mind Kentucky bridge.

    Nicosia said...

    I share your weird fascination!

    The Atomic Rockhound said...

    Fellow Bridge Hunters....