Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weird Kentucky book signings!

I, Jeffrey Scott Holland, your humble host of Kentucky kookiness, will be making book-signing appearances at:

  • June 12 - Barnes & Noble at The Summit, Louisville, KY. 7:00pm.
  • June 28 - A Reader's Corner, Louisville, KY. 1:00pm.
  • July 12 - Morris Book Store grand opening, Lexington, KY. TBA.

  • But if you're impatient and just can't wait till these events to obtain the book, the obsessive-compulsive folks over at Telecrylic International have compiled a price-comparison chart for online sources of Weird Kentucky. You just might be surprised at their findings; I certainly was.


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    I'm planning to buy extra copies of Weird Kentucky for gifts soon, as it could likely sell out the first printing this year. I showed it around to a few people and they all said they'd get one.