Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clown Pest Control!

This is a very old entry from our very first incarnation of the Unusual Kentucky site in 2002. These wonderful signs no longer exist, alas, but we'll always have the photos and the memories...

On Big Hill Avenue in Richmond, the was a large wooden sign in the yard of someone's home that advertises for a termite and pest control company. The fact this sign is in the front yard of a residence is kinda odd anyway. But when you take a look at the other side, there's a picture of a frightening clown! And the same phone number as the reverse side. So, um, were these people running a termite business AND a clown business? Did the clown use a bug-spray fumigator instead of a seltzer bottle?

But wait, there's more.... several blocks away down the street, at the corner of Big Hill and Main Street, there was another sign with the same clown and the same phone number in someone else's front yard! (We never did trespass and go up into their yard to see if the other side of the sign had the pest control logo on it, but we certainly were curious.)

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