Friday, May 9, 2008

The Bull of Battlefield Farm

The Battlefield Farm was a historic civil war battleground. Since the 1940s, this bull sculpture has been there, mounted high on a pole with a "Polled Charolais" sign overlooking U.S. 25 between Richmond and Berea. It was locally famous during the 1960s and 1970s because it became a tradition for EKU college students to climb the pole and paint the white bull's scrotum pink. The farm would have it painted white again, and someone would paint the bull's privates again shortly thereafter. This good-natured war went on for years.

A few years back, unfortunately, the Battlefield Farm has become the Battlefield Golf Course and the bastards took the sign down. After some snooping, however, we discovered the bull is currently residing in the backyard of a house near the original farmhouse. last we checked, it was still there, and hopefully it will remain safely for future generations to look at and say "um, okay".

The bull is just a few miles up Highway 25 from The Bull of Berea's current location, incidentally.

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