Friday, May 16, 2008

Murderers Ate Here

  • Ruby's Restaurant - In May 2007, O.J. Simpson was in town for the Kentucky Derby, and he and his entourage filed in to Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse, one of the state's most prestigious and upscale restaurants. As the anecdote is told, someone - either an employee or a customer - came up to Ruby all dazzled and star-struck by Simpson's presence. After just a moment of distaste and reflection, Ruby walked over to O.J.'s table and informed his party that they would have to leave immediately, as a show of solidarity with the Goldman and Brown families.

    O.J. and his crew quietly gathered their coats and left without a fuss, and the dining room burst into applause for Ruby. Afterwards, there was some venting in the press by O.J.'s attorneys, but this soon died down as cooler heads prevailed and realized this was already enough of a bad PR situation as it was.

    Ruby's restaurant is very highly recommended, incidentally, and its wild and lavish decor is worth checking out: the chandelier is from the famous and now-destroyed Cadillac Square Building, and its elevator facade came from the historic Chrysler Building.

  • Kim's Coffee - Although this cafe, a longtime Louisville tradition, no longer exists, it once stood at 1704 Rowan Street and once was the site of a Ted Bundy sighting. In 1977, serial killer Bundy was zigzagging around the nation after having escaped from jail in Aspen, Colorado, and found his way to Louisville for awhile. At least long enough for a cup of coffee and a danish.

    Officially there has been no connection made between Bundy and any murders in the area during that time, although some have raised suspicions.

    An apartment building stands at the spot today.

  • Waco Food Mart BP - In its glory days of yesteryear, the small spooky community of Waco was once home to a number of thriving mom-n-pop grocery stores and markets, but this large food mart/gas station is the last one standing.

    Serial killer Glen Rogers reportedly ate, snacked and gassed up here whenever he was in the area and visiting relatives. He possibly also purchased here the can of beer that he hurled in desperation at the arresting detective when he realized the jig was up. Rogers' family owned property near Beattyville, KY and he often traveled on KY 52, passing through Richmond, Waco, Irvine and Ravenna, and frequenting several other restaurants along the way. (One of Rogers' victims ended up found dead in that Beattyville cabin, incidentally.)

    Rogers' nationwide murder spree left a trail of victims from Hamilton, OH across the country to Los Angeles, and ended in Richmond, KY in November 1995 when a relative tipped off the Madison County police that he had just left her home. Currently Rogers is on Death Row in Raiford, FL.
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