Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Belle Brezing's Cult Following

There are a lot more regular visitors than you might expect at the grave of prostitute Belle Brezing, located in Fayette County's Calvary Cemetery (and with a marker that unfortunately misspells her name "Breezing"). It would seem Ms. Brezing's celebrity and legend still carry on into the present day, as her grave is consistently visited by a variety of colorful and interesting people.

Trinkets, coins, handwritten notes, and other offerings are frequently left at her grave in tribute, much in the same way that admirers of the great Voodoo queen Marie Laveau do at her final resting place in New Orleans. Also in a similar vein, people make pilgrimmage to Brezing's grave for good luck, via touching the tombstone, or kneeling in silent communion with Belle's spirit.

Page 96 of Weird Kentucky has more info on the mysterious and glamorous Belle Brezing, who inspired the character of Belle Watling in "Gone With the Wind".

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Consider adding something from your book to Belle's Wikipedia page with a link to it as a reference.