Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Over Brandeis' Dead Body

The University of Louisville's law school has Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis' complete writings and papers catalogued in their library archives, but that's not all - they've also got his corpse. Brandeis and his wife are buried under the concrete near the front door of the building as hundreds of students tromp over his resting place day after day.


Unknown said...

For the record, the cremated remains of Brandeis are buried at that site, not the "corpse". Also, the remains are actually buried under a tree about 10 feet from the marker. Students leave money on the burial site for luck on exams (rather than "trample" over the body).

JSH said...

Aha... good to know. And here all this time I had thought that was literally his grave by the doorway, as I had been told by someone years ago.