Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Curse of 3rd & Broadway

Puzzling evidence:

On November 25, 1938, Lexington artist Edward Fisk
is struck by a car and badly injured at the intersection
of Third and Broadway in Lexington.

In 1981, another Lexington artist, Henry Faulkner,
is struck by a car and killed at this same intersection
by a teenager running a red light on a drunken joyride.

In 1991, another Lexington artist, Jeffrey Scott Holland,
is almost killed at this same intersection by a street gang.

(And a decade later, Holland actually lived at the corner of
3rd & Broadway.)

In 1999, another Lexington artist, Dan Selter, was hit by a car
on the corner of 3rd and Broadway while walking from his nearby
studio to Rupp Arena. Selter was not badly hurt, and actually hitched
a ride with the driver of the vehicle for the rest of his trek to Rupp.

In 2000, another Lexington artist, Todd Dockery, attends
a party at the corner of 3rd & Broadway, shortly after which
he is nearly fatally stabbed by a drunk on Upper Street, and
stupidly charged with assault by Lexington police even though
he was clearly the victim, not the attacker.

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