Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Kurt Loder"

So jaded am I about the bulk of generic same-old street artists and toy taggers out there cluttering up the graffiti scene, it takes a lot to make my hat fly off in awe. Surprisingly, it wasn't a complicated mural or a multicolored allnighter of a piece that last impressed me, it was this beautifully stupid one-color throw-up that started appearing all over the Market street area of Louisville a couple years back. Just the thought that someone would choose the moniker of nerdy MTV host and rock critic Kurt Loder as their tag was enough to make me laugh out loud all the way home to get the camera.


The Grey Ghost said...

There's another "Kurt Loder" tag on the side of a building at or near 12th and Main.

And what's with the Thor graffiti that appears all throughout the city?

Anonymous said...

For the longest time there was a tag that said JORGE IS SAD on the Livingston exit bridge over I-75. You could see this traveling north on the interstate.