Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Clothing Tree

Driving through one of the shopping centers at the corner of Taylorsville and Hurstbourne in Louisville, something disturbingly humanoid was spotted hanging from a tree. A Halloween decoration, I wondered? Or some sort of small stuffed figure hung in effigy?


Turned to be just a kid's outfit, still on the hanger and still with store tags. Probably some mom must have hung it there while loading the SUV, and then forgot and drove off without it. Then again, it's on a rather high branch, and isn't actually beside a parking spot.

Perhaps it's like the shoe tree at Murray State University. Perhaps someone's trying to start a new holiday tradition. Perhaps it's a Festivus miracle!

For some reason, I encounter abandoned clothing on an almost daily basis, often enough that I considered even starting a blog about it. I think I'll just keep those here on this blog, under the abandoned clothing tag.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Did she have to stand on that SUV to get it up there? Looks pretty high.