Monday, June 8, 2009

Squirrelly's Magic Tea Room

Part of Bearno's On The Bridge, 131 W. Main Street in Louisville, is devoted to something called Squirrelly's Magic Tea Room. I'm not really sure what that is.

Every Saturday night, Squirrelly's Tea Room hosts something called Stormin' Norman and the Galt House Ghost. I'm not really sure what those are.

Someone called Madame Zelda does palm readings in a special spooky enclave on the premises. I'm not really sure who she is, nor why she's depicted scrying into a crystal ball on the poster outside if she's a palm reader.

They were closed when I was there, but I'll return to check the place out soon. A couple of people I talked to nearby said vague things about the whole building being haunted because it used to be the original Galt House, circa 1837. Signs in the place allude to these hauntings but give precious little data.

Surprisingly, Google searches for the relevant keywords weren't much help.

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