Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lexington Dinner Train?

Wow! Just saw this story:

A dinner train with boarding at Lexington Center and an excursion train between Lexington and beyond Frankfort could be in operation as early as next year, with the potential for passenger service between the two cities later.

The announcement was made Thursday at the Lexington Center board meeting by Fred Mudge, chairman of the board of R.J. Corman Railroad Group, based in Nicholasville...

A dinner train from Lexington would most likely go to Frankfort, turn around and come back, Mudge said. An excursion trip might extend to Bagdad, a small community west of Frankfort, then return to Lexington.

The Lexington Dinner Train would be operated by the R.J. Corman company, the same folks who bring you My Old Kentucky Dinner Train in Bardstown (pictured above, thanks to flickr's thomas.merton).

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