Monday, June 15, 2009

Masonic diary on eBay

For the next couple of months, I'm going to be putting up various and sundry items up for auction on eBay as part of an ongoing fundraising drive for the Catclaw Theatre Company and the cause to which we are all so devoted. Items will range from the trenchant to the trivial, from the massive to the miniscule, for all budgets great and small.

Many of the items may be of interest to collectors of Kentuckiana, such as this old diary kept in a 1942 calendar/dayplanner from the Madison-Southern National Bank & Trust Company, Richmond, KY.

Attached to the upper right corner of the cover is a blue and gold Masonic lapel pin.

The small book is heavily written in throughout, used primarily as a diary but also as an address book, general ledger, and notepad for various philosophical musings. It was the property of one Valley C. Megee, Stanford, KY, who resided at something called the "Blue Cat Tourist Home". (One of the last entries in the diary says "Moved back to Richmond".)

Like most old diaries, it's a fascinating and sometimes sad record of someone's life, and may well be the only remaining tangible legacy left behind by that person.

Click here to view our auctions. More will be added daily, so keep a-checkin'.

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