Friday, April 17, 2009

Kentucky: Saddest State?

A new scientific survey just released in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine breaks down by state the statistics on FMD (Frequent Mental Distress). This term applies to people who are generally sad, stressed, or depressed for 14 or more days of the month. And guess who came in first place as the saddest state by a long length?

Yep, you guessed it - our humble commonwealth.

(West Virginia is the second most depressed state, by the way, and Southern Indiana and Northern Arkansas are also excessively sad, in effect forming what TIME Magazine calls "The Gloom Belt".)

So what can we do to help make our fair state a happier place to be?

For starters, let's repeal the nutty new liquor tax. And then let's get rid of pollution and Oxycontin. Then let's eat more burgers and shakes and ice cream. And some beer cheese too.

Attend the Pikeville Hillbilly Days this weekend. And the 400 Mile Yard Sale. Visit the Red River Gorge. Eat more donuts. Play more miniature golf. Drink more moonshine or bourbon, preferably while doing all of the above. Or just go drinkin' at Selena's/Willow Lake Tavern.

And most importantly, support local theatre!

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Nicosia said...

Beer cheese and bourbon. Dinner of champions!