Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Berserk naked man shoots girlfriend, cop, neighbor, self

From Officer.com, who in turn got it from WLKY:

A domestic situation involving a nude man escalated into a shooting situation in south Louisville Wednesday morning.

The shooting happened in the 5200 block of Ronwood Drive. Among the wounded is LMPD Officer Andrea Rice.

According to Metro Police Chief Robert White, Rice was called to scene on a domestic disturbance call. When she arrived, she saw a nude man in driveway at the residence.

"He was approaching the officer and she was telling him to stay back, and as he approached her, she started to go around her car to put some distance between them, and he followed her around the car," said witness Larry Gaus. The suspect has been identified as Joseph Starcher, 24.

According to a police spokesperson, Starcher tried to wrestle Rice's gun away from her. Both the officer and Starcher were shot during the struggle.

Rice was shot twice in thigh. Starcher was wounded, as well.

According to Police Chief Robert White, Starcher got Rice's gun and shot his girlfriend and a neighbor.

When backup arrived, Starcher was shocked with a Taser. "They Tased him and contained him, and all four were transported to the hospital," White said.

And from WAVE-TV Channel 3:

"It was like a horror movie," said Larry Gaus, who was on his way to work when everything unfolded. "As I'm driving down the road, I seen a police car and a naked man come out from around the corner."

According to LMPD, Officer Andrea Rice, a 15-year veteran of the force, was sent to 5205 Ronwood Drive on a domestic call. LMPD Chief Robert White describes what happened next.

"And she noticed a female outside that appeared she had been assaulted. And moments later, the suspect came running out of the house toward the officer," said White.

Gaus said the man "just took off straight toward her (Rice). She was giving orders to stay back."

White says that Rice tried to use her taser on the naked man, but that didn't work. That is when she pulled out her firearm. "She felt threatened, pulled out her gun, fired it which apparently didn't work either.

White said the naked man finally caught up with Rice and they began to struggle over her weapon. "He eventually retrieved the gun. He fired several shots striking her twice and two other individuals were also struck."

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