Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two UFOs in Northern KY

A post on tells of a UFO sighting in Edgewood, KY:

I was outside smoking a cigarette and as I always do I look up at the sky and star gaze. As I was looking I saw what appeared to be a red orb with a tail of bright white and green. It was moving at a speed that is unimaginable.

Now, me, I would think that a UFO moving "at a speed that is unimaginable" would be zipping by so fast that you couldn't tell what color it was, or what shape it was, or that it was even there. If it's slow enough to look at it and say "huh, looky there", then it's not unimaginably fast. But be that as it may, someone responded to the post with a sighting report of their own:

I live in Florence, Kentucky, which is about 15 minutes away via I-75 South.

Friday, February 13th around 9:30 or so my daughter and I witnessed at first thought to be a bluish falling star.

Quickly, it turned into a large green orb with what appears to best describe as several lights inside. It was not a comet as no tail was visible.

It just came out of the sky and made a slight turn and became large and was gone as if someone turned off the lights.

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Meg said...

I don't believe the hype.