Sunday, November 16, 2008

T.C.'s Tombstone

Pictured here is a primitive homemade grave marker in Madison County's Richmond Cemetery, bearing only the initials "T.C." spelled out in marbles. The rest of the grave is decorated in a folk-art mosaic of broken soda pop and Milk of Magnesia bottles.

You can find T.C.'s grave by veering all the way left after entering the cemetery's front gates, and following the path that runs parallel to the railroad tracks. (The grave of Walter Tevis is on this same path as well.)

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Marcia said...

My dad used to make tombstones like this one. My mother used one he made on his grave. He made several,not sure if he made this one or not. There are more like this one in Estill Co. Ky. on Barns Mtn. and Wagersville Rd. My dad's name was Homer Goosey.