Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ruth Montgomery

It's a little-known fact (at least to me, because I just learned it tonight) that the world famous psychic Ruth Montgomery lived in Louisville, KY for a time.

Born in Illinois, Ruth Schick married Robert H. Montgomery while pursuing a career in journalism with the now-defunct Louisville Herald-Post newspaper.

In 1958, she became interested in psychic phenomena and gradually became aware of her own extra-sensory abilities. She reached international fame with A Gift of Prophecy, her 1965 biography of psychic Jeane Dixon.

In her 1971 book A World Beyond, Montgomery revealed that in a past life she had dwelled in Christ's time and geographical area. She claimed to have been Lazarus' third sister Ruth, although there is no mention of this third sister in the Bible.

Other popular books penned by Montgomery include: Strangers Among Us (1978), Aliens Among Us (1985), and The World to Come (1999).

Montgomery died in 2001, but her writing is getting better than ever: The Macombers, an entire family of spirit channellers, have been dutifully transcribing her latest literary works via Automatic Writing from beyond the grave.

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