Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Rule!

This is an old sign affixed beside the employees-only rear entrance to a long-defunct factory in Jeffersontown's Bluegrass Industrial Park. I'd love to know the backstory that caused some manager to have this sign made proclaiming this highly specific ban.

No "distribution of any written or printed material"? Were they serious?

Technically, this would mean sharing a newspaper on your lunch break, passing a note, or even lending a dollar bill to a buddy at the vending machines (Assuming snacks weren't also verboten at this happy workplace). My guess is that this sign, which sounds like it came straight outta the office of Dilbert's boss, had something to do with some sort of disgruntled-worker hand-typed newsletter, or labor-union materials.

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Melissa said...

Markoff Cheney strikes again!