Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mystery Airplane Behind Distillery

A few years back I took this photograph of a nosedived airplane - not an actual one, but a very realistic facsimile of one that looks like it may have come from some sort of carnival ride - in the bushes behind Louisville's Distillery Commons. I haven't driven by there in awhile, nor paid attention, and am not sure if it's still there. Remind me to check.


Unknown said...

You asked for it! :-) Please do check back on this unusual artifact. Especially if sleuthing around on the back-story will be involved!

But on the topic of mystery airplanes, what's up with the one 'crashing' into the hill beside Headliner's?

JSH said...

That's the same plane, actually - Distillery Commons and Headliners Music Hall are side by side, and share a common parking lot.

BobbyV said...

Isn't this where the "Cliffhanger's" nightclub used to be located a few years back? When you went out on the deck there they had a plane crashed there for visual interest, decoration. I believe that's what this might be?