Friday, February 25, 2011


I've been studying the blog stats that Blogspot so handily provides, and the data is rather interesting.

For starters, here's just a random sampling of some of the odd search-engine queries that brought people to this blog:

concrete pig

derby pie blah blah blah

miss tater day

ghost janitor kentucky

mothman kentucky

satan cave

blue people

passenger trains in the 1920's

branch davidians in kentucky

crypt bardstown

kfc secret location

kentucky nudist

festival of sacrifice lexington

unusual swimming pools

dog kidnaps baby

unusual mosque kentucky

hallowed by usage and consecrated by time

white castle wedding

tough guy in campbell county

I suppose by listing them here, I'm reinforcing their search-engine stick-icity by feeding them back into Google's crawlers for another go-round, aren't I?

According to the stats, 80% of my visitors are from the USA, which doesn't really surprise me given the focus of the blog. (By contrast, another blog of mine, Revelation Awaits an Appointed Time, gets almost as many European visitors as American, and also has a large readership in Middle Eastern countries.)

The vast majority of UnK readers are running IE and Windows, which also is no shocker - Firefox is a close second though.

Less than 1% visited UnK using iPhones, however, which I found a bit unexpected.

And in case you care, the ten most-clicked-on UnK articles of all time (well, since last summer anyway, when Blogger started keeping stats):

Blue People of Kentucky
Shirley Ardell Mason
Mothman Sighting in Russell
Carrie Nation
Stringbean's Hidden Treasure
Tom Cruise Climbs Burj Khalifa
The Erica Fraysure Case
Bobby Mackey's Music World
Reclining Figure on Grave
Miss Elizabeth

Now see, before I saw the stats I would have conjectured that surely Tombstone Junction, or one of my Bill Sparkman or Edward W. Edwards posts, would make the top ten most viewed.

But "Reclining Figure on Grave"? Really? Huh.

I suppose I should listen to what the market demands, and make my next novel "Stringbean and the Blue People Vs. Mothman".


Nicosia said...

My Blue people and Stringbean would kick Mothman's ass!!!!

Rhonda's Digital Designs said...

As someone who is a graduate student teacher of statistics.....I love this post! I should use it as an example for my students of how statistics are used in the real world!