Saturday, February 26, 2011

Corn Grave?

When I took these photos of a tipped-over gravestone in Henry County, I initially thought that what we're seeing here is a row of ears of corn, with a small corn plant sprouting in the foreground.

It still looks like that to me, but someone else suggested that this may actually be depicting a weeping willow tree, albeit an oddly-rendered one.



Anonymous said...

yep.. looks like corn cob imprints to me!

jbro101 said...

Nope, Weeping Willow. Often used as a sign of mourning or death in that period (weeping).

Jenn said...

Agree with jbro101. I've seen this image on gravestones throughout central Kentucky - it's a weeping willow, sometimes more stylized than others it appears. Thanks for bringing attention to the artistry of these historic markers.