Monday, February 21, 2011

Rare Tombstone Junction Video

Got this email over the weekend:

Dear Mr. Holland,

I love your website and purchased your Weird Kentucky book the week it came out. Since Tombstone Junction seems to have such a cult following I'd thought you'd like to know that actual video of the park in operation is slowly becoming available on my youtube channel.

The only known video of the park was taped a couple of months prior to the first fire that damaged the park. Copies of this tape have been gifted over the years to a very few railfans in the area. Since I have one of these few copies I've been adding some selections from the tape to my youtube account.

You can view a video of the train ride and robbery here: There are also a few other videos on my channel and I will be adding more shortly.

Thank you,
Matthew Cole
Berea, KY

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DH said...

This is so awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!!