Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Secret Messages in Water

Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto will be in Louisville on November 10 to take part in the 14th annual Festival of Faiths. The Festival, designed to foster understanding and cooperation among all faith traditions, is held in the Henry Clay Building, The Crane House, the Cathedral of the Assumption, and other locales.

Emoto is known for his controversial claims that the power of human thought and intention can affect the microstructure of water, and that "positive" intent brings fractally beautiful crystalline structure to that water when frozen into ice ("Negative" intent allegedly leads to water that looks ugly, amorphous and random under a microscope).

Emoto isn't the first in the New Age world to posit the power of intention over matter. Similar concepts have long been suggested by Christopher Bird in The Secret Life of Plants, Amit Goswami with his philosophy of Monistic Idealism, Rupert Sheldrake and his "Morphic fields", L. Ron Hubbard (who used to hook his e-meter up to tomatoes to communicate with them!), Lynne McTaggart, the Institute of Noetic Sciences (founded by NASA moon explorer Edgar Mitchell), and even Wayne Dyer have all dabbled in this subject. But Emoto seems to have put it all together in a way that's resonating with more and more people - his books have sold millions of copies, and he's developed quite a fan-base following around the world.

Emoto's lecture will be in the Henry Clay Building, November 10, at 6pm. For more information, consult the Center for Interfaith Relations website.

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