Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lightbulbs from Hell

The other day I received an offer in the mail from Louisville's utility company LG&E, offering me free energy-saving lightbulbs as a gift. I was all excited until I realized they're the toxic CFL bulbs filled with deadly mercury. The health hazards can be considerable if one breaks in your home - and who among us has never accidentally broken a lightbulb?

For more details, check out my column at Louisville Mojo and learn more about these dangerous bulbs that the EPA classifies as "hazardous waste".


DH said...

I was going to stick my card in the mail tomorrow but now I might not. I guess it's true. NOTHING is 'free'. Thanks for another excellent post.

blueroc85 said...

Ahhh! I had no idea these were hazardous....thanks for the heads up! I have a few of them in use...Nolin (my power company) was giving them out for free one Friday several months ago.

blueroc85 said...

I just read your article...very informative! I really had no idea these things were hazardous! I feel so naive... I haven't ever purchased any, but a family member did, so I have been using them in a few of our lamps...but no more!