Saturday, November 28, 2009

Red Hot Roasters

Yesterday I finally got around to checking out the great new Louisville coffee place Red Hot Roasters, and wow, why didn't I come here sooner? Get up, step away from the computer, get in the car and go-go-go there now. Not only is owner Sondra Powell's coffee delicious, it's organic and it's roasted right on the premises.

Their product comes in wonderful old-school silver-and-red metal cans that you're encouraged to bring back to recycle, reuse and refill. You save 50 cents on a 12 oz. can of coffee if you bring back your previous empty to be refilled.

And of course, the 40s/50s retro fashion sense of the building and its graphics makes it all just perfect to me.

I had a little trouble finding the place at first - which is odd since the place is so colorful. Although their address is officially listed as being 1402 Payne Street, the building actually faces Lexington Road. It's to the right of the Citgo station, near the corner of Lexington and Payne.

You can also buy their coffee in discerning retail outlets like Burger's Market, and they also serve it in fine establishments like 732 Social.

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