Friday, November 20, 2009

Coming Soon: CentrePointe

One of my favorite old blocks in Lexington used to be here at the corner of Limestone and Main, and now it's all been torn down to make way for what will become the tallest building in Kentucky. It's called CentrePointe. Dumb name. But I'm prepared, against all odds, to give it the benefit of the doubt... for now. But to paraphrase Gavin Elster, all the things that spell Lexington to me are disappearing fast.

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tstamps said...

Rare historical items were unearthed as the demolition crews and earth movers cleared away the rubble of The Dame, Busters, Club 141, Rosenberg's, and other establishments that Mayor Newberry and the Webb Brothers conspired to bring down for the proposed CentrePointe development. 19th-century coke bottles, ads for Lexington Fairs of a bygone era, ceramic doll pieces, invoices from Rosenberg's pawn and jewelry store from the early 20th century, unopened bourbon bottles given to Joe Rosenberg as gifts, building materials two centuries - were found. Lexington artist Richie Wireman gathered a lot of this material, along with thousands of photos throughout the demolition, and created an art exhibit that was on display during a recent Gallery Hop.