Monday, July 21, 2008

Hanging Bridge in Berea

A user recently posted this entry on the Unusual Kentucky message board:

I have known about the Unusual Kentucky site for quite some time now and I would like to suggest a place of interest.

Hanging Bridge in Berea, Kentucky, a few miles away from Airport Road, is a genuinely creepy place, especially at around dusk and night.

I've been there myself, on multiple occasions, during the night and day. In the daytime, you don't usually encounter much. The only thing I have experienced during daylight hours are rather odd noises, like footsteps, on the bridge itself, when the air is mostly still, and traffic is nil. The two things that will make your skin crawl during the day, however, are not near Hanging Bridge, but a few miles before it in the forms of two old, abandoned houses.

However, this place tends to get a little more active when daylight expires.

The first time I ever went to Hanging Bridge, I remember seeing a strange, blue light in the woods behind my friend's truck. I did a double take to make sure that there wasn't some far-off man-made light source causing this, and there was not.

I returned again the next night with another friend and had a more intense experience....
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Gina said...

We went to the hanging bridge tonight and while all we seen was the unusual fog, we agree that it was a creepy place. We definately would not want to be there at night!