Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Kentucky Triangular UFOs

The first Kentucky UFO reported to NUFORC in 2011 comes from Harrodsburg. Unfortunately the entry is appallingly short, but it does fall in line with the ongoing spate of previously reported triangular UFOs statewide and nationwide. (I may have even sighted one myself.)

"Bright Triangular lights seen over Harrodsburg, KY.

We were pulling onto our road and looked up and saw a bright triangular shaped light move very fast across the sky. At first, we thought it was in the rear view mirror, but then, we realized that it was well below the rear view mirror (In reference to the windshield). Then it went out of sight."

Meanwhile, the widespread sightings of these triple-pointed enigmas continue. In November 2010, a triangular UFO "the size of a football field" allegedly was seen in California. The image above, included here to simply illustrate the phenomena, was posted to discussion about the California incident but apparently is not of that UFO either.

And over at MUFON's casefiles, we find no less than ten new UFO reports filed in January. And sure enough, there's a triangular one:

"While standing out back smoking I notice two bright lights off in the distance heading my direction. It took a few minutes to get close enough to make out what it was. After a couples more minutes I decided to run in and yell for my girlfriend to come look at it. Stupid me never told her to grab the camcorder! She was so excited and kept talking asking what it was. I asked her shush and listen. I'm hard of hearing and could not hear any sound it was making. I asked her if she could hear anything and she stated " I hear a low humming sound. " at that point we walk to our side gate to see if we could get the neighbors to come out and look. They had a house full of people and couldn't hear me yell. The triangle was right over top of us. It was so big and bright and very low. I could have threw a rock and hit it. My girlfriend tried to get her cell phone camera to work and couldn't. She ran to the other side of the house to see if she could get the other neighbor to see it but she was leaving. We watched this thing for a good 15 minutes as it floated across the sky very slow from South East to North West. It was headed right toward the love's truck stop out to interstate 75. What I would say was the front of the thing had two lights like head lights. The under side had three lights in each corner. Around those three lights were smaller lights. The smaller lights were in a circle around those three. Across what I say was the back had two flashing lights. I'm sure someone else had to see this thing because it was to big and bright. I'm positive it was bigger than the lot our house is on."

The report doesn't give a specific location, but I know Love's Truckstop well - it's at the Boonesboro exit off I-75.

Though I remain open-minded about the report, I have to assume this person is being somewhat hyperbolic when he says it was close enough to him to have hit it with a rock.

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