Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christian Country Cowboy Church

Whizzing down 146 in Oldham County this morning, a sign caught my eye that I'd never noticed before. Its words still echoed in my head as I drove on - "Cowboy Church". Did it really say that? Cowboy Church? Awesome.

I turned around immediately and went back.

The sign is at the top of a gravel road that branches out in several different directions, including a local American Legion hall and various buildings related to the Oldham County Fairgrounds. I didn't see any building that had a "Cowboy Church" sign on it, but I'm hoping it's this barn with horse murals painted on it.

When I got home, I Googled it. I found out that the CCCC is, like apparently everyone in the Universe except me, on Facebook. I also discovered that there's a huge nationwide network of these Cowboy Churches, which originated in Texas. According to Wikipedia:

"Cowboy churches are local Christian churches within the cowboy culture that are distinctively Western heritage in character. A typical cowboy church may meet in a rural setting in a barn, metal building, arena, sale barn, or old western building, have its own rodeo arena, and a country gospel band. Baptisms are generally done in a cattle tank. The sermons are usually short and simple. Some cowboy churches have covered arenas where rodeo events such as bull riding, team roping, ranch sorting, team penning and equestrian events are held on weeknights."

As a fan of anything rustic and retro in American culture, and especially anything that glorifies a frontier spirit in today's homogenous nutrasweet styrofoam culture, I wholeheartedly approve and endorse the Cowboy Church concept. Let me go put on my big purple Hawkshaw Hawkins outfit and I'll see you in church this Sunday.


Clark Embree said...

"Let me go put on my big purple Hawkshaw Hawkins outfit and I'll see you in church this Sunday."

I think you mean Friday, according to the sign!

JSH said...

Oh yeah... Friday. Well dern it, I'm usually booked on Friday nights. heh.

Debbie Kinberger said...

If'n yer busy on Friday night we are a havin' a Chuck Wagon Day this Sunday at 1:56 pm. That involves lots of good vittles and lots of good fun and fellowship! Ya'll come and join us! Sincerely, Debbie K from Christian Country Cowboy Church, LaGrange, Kentucky!

blupastu said...

There is a Cowboy Church here in Paris, KY that my family attends. It meets at 7pm on Tuesdays and is a good time... I would recommend it to anyone... come as you are!

Lisa Vance said...

Come join us at Christian Country Cowboy Church for their Wild West Day, Sasturday, June 25. 2011 @ High Noon. We have vittals, horse shows, knife throwing (not at me my cowboy can't see that well) chuck wagon and every hour or so we will have an honest to goodness Wild West Shootout performed by Six Guns Entertainment ( Check it out to see what sum of us Cowboy's & Cowgirls have been up to! Hope to see ya there!!!!