Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crypt of Cremains?

As mentioned here recently, in 2005 it was reported that a large crypt at Louisville's troubled Eastern Cemetery was unlocked, and filled with boxes of cremains (cremated human ashes), many of them mixed together in the same container.

You can easily peer into the crypt through the openings in the now-locked gate, and I took these photos. The blue boxes are definitely containers for cremains, and the brown boxes on the floor may also be. I'm not sure if authorities rescued the cremains in 2005, and these blue boxes are just empty leftovers, or if they just slapped a padlock on the door and these boxes still contain cremated human bodies.


Alan (Evil) Miller said...

Last year there were lawnmowers and chemicals stored in there along with the cremains.

Moon3ternal said...

What can we do to fix this place? I can't STAND this!

pkb said...

This is terrible. The folks responsible for moving these graves assured kinfolk that the remains were being carefully moved. This is truly an atrocity. What a shame!!!