Tuesday, May 5, 2009

PETA Protests Kentucky Derby with 256 Headstones

Those kooks at PETA were at it again during Derby, erecting 256 headstones at the Kentucky Derby in some sort of misguided protest about the ethical treatment of race horses.

"Bodies may not be buried at Churchill Downs, but with so many horses having drawn their last breath there after having been run to death, it might as well be a cemetery. And for two days it will be, when PETA erects 265 headstones outside the racetrack this week.

Why 265, you ask? We are including 263 headstones to represent the horses who have died on the track since last year's Kentucky Derby and whose names we know, one headstone for the approximately 832 other horses who have died but whose names are not known—because racetracks are so bad at reporting breakdowns and deaths—and one headstone for the approximately 12,000 thoroughbreds who are sent off to slaughter each year."

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