Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"His Column is Broken"

Although I'm not sure what quasi-architectural rigamarole the phrase refers to, "His Column is Broken" is apparently something traditionally said among Freemasons when one of their brethren dies unexpectedly and prematurely.


Melissa said...

The Masonic tradition of the Broken Column can be interpreted on many levels, but primarily indicates a Masonic community leader whose life was cut short before completing his Works. The concept was first illustrated by Amos Doolittle which can be seen at the following link:
(the accompanying explanation, however, may leave something to be desired).

Melissa said...

Post Comment: I believe the Broken Column to also represent the impermanence of all things physical.

Tim Gilson said...

In interesting expression within freemasonry. I also believe it means that a brother freemason's life was cut short.

Melissa said...

I have also seen monuments expressing this concept which consist of a broken-column or broken-tree sculpture/casting. These monuments frequently feature a drape over the broken top & I have wondered whether this was merely decorative or also held symbolic import.