Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Sign of the Horns" Grave?

Here's an interesting grave: one with the sign language symbol for "Love" on it.

Of course, some people associate this hand sign with the "Sign of the Horns", which is supposedly (yawn) Satanic. Although popularized in rock and roll by musicians such as Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osbourne, and Ronnie James Dio, it dates back to antiquity - something that seems lost on the authors of the Wikipedia article linked to above.

A certain breed of conspiracy theorists also love to look for the sign - or any vague variation of it, be it thumb in or thumb out - in photos of world leaders. Apparently this somehow proves that they're all agents of an occult global elite of technocrats who control the planet. (Which, you know, they probably are - but not just because they use this hand sign.)

Not wishing to encourage doofuses to start spinning a "Satanic" myth around this grave - like they have with Ada Armstead's - I think I'll refrain from identifying the who, what and where of this particular grave.


DH said...

Dio popularized this. He says he got it from his grandmother and (in her culture..not sure which one in particular) it has something to do with putting curses on or taking curses off someone depending how you 'throw' it.

Tree said...

i think its also a catholic thing related to the similar "sign of benediction". which is why Popes make the hand gesture so often. but that doesnt explain Presidents.