Monday, April 12, 2010

A Singles Guide to Thunder Over Louisville

So, after the mass-exodus housecleaning of writers that took place at Louisville Mojo recently, I thought I was out. But like Al Pacino, they keep pulling me back in. The newsy content and general free-for-all blogging is gone, and now they're back to strictly being a social network, dating service, hookup haven, meat market, however you wanna phrase it. But they retained the JSH 'cause they recognize the skills. Or something like that. I dunno. Maybe. I guess.

But now the powers that be would prefer that I write with a more honed focus on nightlife and dating and romance, instead of my usual rants about the Easter Bunny and Gene Simmons and Big Love and the mysterious giant radioactive Space Ribbon at the edge of the Solar System. Alrighty then. Can do.

And so it is that I offer my humble suggestions for Louisville Mojo's readership regarding that "Thunder Over Louisville" thing. Read that here.

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Jax Rhapsody said...

They're really7 fucking up mojo now. You gotta pay for everything...