Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Deer Runs Amok in Fresh Market

According to the Courier-Journal, the Fresh Market in Middletown, KY was terrorized last week by a crazed deer that leaped into the plate glass window and smashed its way into the store. (Perhaps it charged at its own reflection, or perhaps it was the Devil Deer.)

According to the store's manager, the deer - profusely bleeding from its encounter with the glass - "went all through the store and bled all over the place," then eventually ended up collapsing near the back. Metro Police officers arrived about 10 minutes later, the deer approached them, prompting the officers to use their tasers on it.

What happened next is even weirder. Says the news report:

After it was tased, an officer grabbed the deer by its back legs and dragged it out the open door in the back, [police spokeswoman Alicia] Smiley said. Once outside, the deer eventually left the area. The animal has not been seen since, she said...

Wait, so you have a large bleeding and injured deer, and you let it go?? Even if you don't care (and I do) that the creature needs medical attention, aren't you concerned that the deer that you turned loose in a highly populated urban area is going to go cause mayhem and havoc somewhere else?

Has anyone else in that area had a sighting of this errant deer?


Tree said...

I dont think i want to go to a grocery that wild deer have bled all over. yuck! can you say lime disease??

JSH said...

I'm sure they've cleaned everything up nicely by now, and I wouldn't worry about Lyme Disease unless you intend to lick the floor. But if you're still worried, there's always the Fresh Market in Prospect.

Terri Grimes said...

I live across the street from that Fresh Mkt at Dorsey Station and shortly afterwards I was coming out of my townhouse community and a deer was standing in the middle of Shelbyville Rd and in a split second a car hit it right in front of me. As I watched in horror the deer, who was laying on it's side at this point, dying, locked eyes with me and blood gushed out it's mouth and it clearly died. The driver didn't appear to be injured, other than ticked off because he was late for whereever he was going. He leaned against his highly damaged car (which had to be towed) and made several calls. The cops showed up in minutes I have to say. Anyway, I am certain it was the same deer, because, come on, how many deer are in that area on the same day?