Saturday, November 13, 2010

House Across the Water

I've always had a steadfast rule against including things from Indiana on this blog, not because I don't love Indiana (I most certainly do!) but because once you open the floodgates to including stuff near Kentucky, entropy creeps in.

Then again, entropy is inevitable, as with all things in the Universe.

At least this house is directly viewable from Kentucky, at Carrie Gaulbert Cox Park on the Louisville side of the river.

I've heard rumors that the playwright Neil Simon once owned it and used it as an occasional retreat, but have been unable to confirm this. Anyone? It's a beautiful old Victorian house nonetheless.


Anony-moose said...

Lucky for you, it's on the market....

Unfortunately, it's a million bucks!

JSH said...

Eight bedrooms, eh? Okay, let's get sixteen of us to go in together on the place.