Thursday, April 14, 2011

Long Run Cemetery

Long Run Cemetery is home to some of the most tangential bits of Abraham Lincoln history I've ever seen. Lincolnphiles, pack a lunch and make the trip: this land, which includes the demolished remains of the original Long Run Baptist Church, was where the original boyhood home of Abe's father (Thomas Lincoln) once stood.

Thomas isn't here, alas - he's buried in Illinois - but we do get Abe's grandfather, and we also get Benjamin Bridges, the man to whom Abe's uncle Mordecai sold the family farm.

We also get "The Lincoln Tree", which a helpful sign says was grown from an acorn that came from a tree that Abe stood under while giving a speech in Albion, Illinois. Hmmm. Alrighty then. That's stretching the Lincoln connection just a bit if you ask me; it's kinda like that guy a few years ago who held an exhibition of napkins, silverware and water glasses used by celebrities and obtained from restaurant busboys.

I'm not sure why these signs all say "Historic Middletown, Inc." because Long Run is quite a distance from Middletown.

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Jax Rhapsody said...

Maybe Middletown had something to do with it and the enacting it's historical relevence.