Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Kangaroo Sightings

Is it possible that kangaroo escapees from the circus could continue to live and thrive in Kentucky's climate over generations? Wouldn't people see these Kentucky kangaroos? Well, some people apparently have.

We've reported here and in Kentucky Monthly on the anomalous kangaroo sightings in Kentucky, circa 1899 and 1974.

Now there's a new report, from Unusual Kentucky reader Erin Kelley Henry, about kangaroos that she and her mother were eyewitnesses to in 2002. On three separate occasions, a kangaroo was seen hopping around residential areas in Richmond.

Anyone else have a kangaroo sighting they've been withholding all these years?


Erin said...

Thank you for the mention! I just wished I had shared my story sooner. However, barely anyone I tell ever believes me! Hopefully more people will see this and come forward with their kangaroo sightings. I'm sure more people had to have seen the kangaroo around the same time my mother and I did. It was moving out in the open in a well-lit, fairly busy area.

RDColson said...

We were traveling through Kentucky on our way to Indiana on Friday, June 17th. We stopped at a gas station next to "Kentucky Down Under". After getting back on the highway headed north, we passed a dead animal on the right side of the road. My children swear it was a kangaroo. I was driving, and I could tell it wasn't a deer and wondered what it was since it was much larger. They swear it was a kangaroo! (13, 16, and 10) Has anyone else seen anything about this?