Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Kentucky Babes

Back in May we looked at the 1907 recording of "Kentucky Babe" by the Vassar Girls Quartet. While wandering aimlessly around YouTube, I've just now stumbled upon several other versions of the song.

Most interesting of all to my tastes: an extremely rare early "Colgate Comedy Hour" TV clip of Dean Martin & the Four Vagabonds performing the tune. Dean never recorded or performed the song again. But there's also versions by The Lennon Sisters, The Clovers, The Crew-Cuts, and even a rendition at the Maconaquah High School 1985 Talent Show.

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Ruth Nichols said...

Thanks for this best discussion of Kentucky Babe that I could find on the net... I learned this song from an old book my mom had when I was a kid (I'm 56), and have sung it with my own piano arrangement all my life. I love it for it's slow swaying lullaby feel and lush cord progression and harmony options. It sends me to another place, another time. thanks again. Ruth