Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Car Wash Filled With Dead Animals

This today from WLKY:

FRENCHBURG, Ky. -- A volunteer with an eastern Kentucky animal rescue organization says 15 plastic grocery bags containing the bodies and body parts of dead animals have been found in a car wash.

Diana McGuire with the Menifee County Humane Society says the bags contained six cats that had been shot to death, two possums, a hog’s head, a chicken and some unidentified animal bones.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports a customer at the car wash discovered the bags Saturday while washing his car at the 460 Car Wash. He looked up and saw bags in the rafters.

McGuire said there were bags with dead animals in all three bays of the car wash.

The Menifee County sheriff’s office is investigating.

And Lex18:

Police are investigating after bags full of dead animals were discovered hanging from the rafters of a Menifee County car wash over the weekend.

The discovery happened Saturday morning at the 460 Car Wash on Highway 460. Police say they found bags filled with six cats that had been shot, two possums, the head of a pig and some chickens.

Police say the owner of the car wash may have been the target of the crime. Police say they are continuing to investigate.

If you know anything about these killings, give the Menifee County Sheriff's Office a call at (606) 768-3875.


DH said...

I guess the cat's out of the bag now...LOL...couldn't resist!!!

Anonymous said...

You've got to put the groceries somewhere that they will stay fresh.

Also, it Kind of reminds me of the stories of the white fur covered wild man that was supposed to have roamed the areas around Menniffee County back when my grandfather was a wildlife conservationist there back in the forties.

Unknown said...