Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cynthiana: Post-it Note Capital

In 1969, 3M established a major factory in Cynthiana, KY, and they developed Post-it notes in 1972.

Up until just a few years ago, every Post-it Note on Earth, from North Dakota to Brussels to Taiwan, was manufactured in Cynthiana. After the patents expired, a few other companies have made knock-offs, but today, the Cynthiana 3M plant still accounts for nearly all of the world's production of Post-it Notes.

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Unknown said...

Who would have thunk it?! :)

This locale is also home to Farmer's Tobacco Company of Cynthiana, makers of Kentucky's Best--no fillers, no flavorizers, no burning agents, just Kentucky tobacco. Because the cigarettes are "Manufactured by family tobacco farmers in Cynthiana, Kentucky" they are, also, not subject to interstate taxes. Great stuff in my book, with a taste like original Lucky Strike filters.