Monday, October 11, 2010

Lakeland Asylum Markers

The bronze commemorative marker on the grounds of the now-demolished Central State Asylum at Lakeland (Anchorage) vanished awhile back, and no one seems to know what became of it.

Recently, while taking my early-morning coffee-walk constitutional in the E.P. Sawyer Park (which now occupies the haunted former asylum property), I discovered that not one but two new markers have appeared. One's your basic state historical marker, pretty vague and dry and not terribly informational in its capsule description. The other is a surprisingly elaborate presentation that speaks of the asylum's horrors with a little more candor, but still doesn't even begin to touch upon the full nauseating extent of the atrocities said to have occurred here in the name of psychiatry.

The photos were taken with a flash since it was 5:30am and pitch black dark out (I couldn't even read these plaques until I got home and looked at my own photos.) Don't mention the "orbs" in the photo unless you want to be thoroughly ridiculed.


Terri said...

I don't suppose you happen to know where the graveyard is do you? I've explored the ruins of Lakeland in Tom Sawyer park many times and always gotten fabulous class A evps, disembodied voices and pictures with what I call "the zombie man." But I've never been able to find the graveyard. It's apparently a closely guarded secret. I'd love to know where it is.

JSH said...

Closely guarded secret? They have a sign pointing out its location. Heh. I also linked to a post about it in this very post.

Enter the main Sawyer Park front entrance, and go back, and to the left, towards the archery range.