Thursday, June 23, 2011

Zombie Warning in Florence

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As if orange barrels, speed traps and distracted motorists sharing the road weren’t stressful enough, drivers on southbound Interstate 71/75 Thursday morning were given another warning – beware of the undead.

An electronic highway sign on the interstate near the Ky. 18 exit read: “Nightly lane closures, zombies ahead.”

The sign was apparently hacked, said Nancy Wood, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokeswoman.

There's been a spate of these "zombie" sign hacks across the country recently, and the media seems to be generally treating it with kid gloves. Me, I don't consider any form of hacking to be a laughing matter, nor do I have tolerance for those who try to glorify it with terms like "hacktivism", etc.

The sign was supposed to warn drivers of the danger of road work ahead. If whoever changed the message is caught, I hope they throw the book at him so hard it dents his head.


Duncan said...

Every day the news is talking about hackers. I am sick of it too. Why do people want to mess up things that don't belong to them?

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny.

JSH said...

Yes indeed, I thought it was very funny too. Hilarious, in fact. I'd probably laugh out loud if I was driving along and saw it.

But just because something is hilarious doesn't mean it's okay.

(Not to mention it's illegal. Not to mention it's really played-out because this is like the dozenth zombie sign hack already.)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate, because one day there may be Zombies ahead - and no one will pay any attention. Cry wolf at its finest!