Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So, in Garrard County, see, there's this place called Cartersville. The city of Cartersville is grandly announced by this very large and very prominent stone-and-brick sign by the side of the road, as you begin to climb a hill:

And so your car goes over the hill, and when you reach the top, you're expecting to see downtown Cartersville in all its resplendent glory. But instead there's...... nothing.

Puzzled, you continue on down the road over another hill, around a bend, and suddenly you encounter....... still nothing.

Unless there is some sort of Romulan cloaking device in use here, Cartersville apparently consists of six houses, one barn, and a goat. Not even a run-down general store. Awesome welcome sign, though!


Anonymous said...

Yes, one time I was trying to go to the clinic in Paint Lick, I was working in Berea at the time, trying to find the cheapest place to go to about a nagging injury that I had in my side, and my coworkers told me to head out the mainroad in Berea past
Interstate exit 76, keep going until I crossed the bridge and take a left; however, I took the wrong left after the wrong bridge and ended up heading towards what should have been Cartersville.

I wasn't from the Madison County / Garrard County area, and it had been some time since I had previously been in the area, so when I got on that road (I had coworkers that said they were from Cartersville and they made it out to be a town of at least some size, not a total Ligottian wasteland or the quaintest, smallest version of a backroads Bermuda Triangle imaginable) I was like what the **** is this ****?

I also thought the area had some kind of an ominous creepy feeling to it as well, so I wanted to get out of there asap which wasn't easy as there weren't that many places to turn a sizeable old Cadillac around.

Creepy place. Maybe there was more to Cartersville in 1850 and something happened to it? Or maybe like in that Gibson story The Gernsback Continuum, the area is missing what never it never had?
I'm not sure, but I do remember thinking, "I need to get out of here quickly."

Living Dead Girl said...

i live in the middle of no where, cartersville... but i like it out there and one thing else.... try going out there and saying that to everyone else... its a beautiful place and its not too over crowded and another thing, my road's not even on the map so haha... and there is more than just 1 road... a whole lot of streets and a crap load of farms... with a little corner store.. churches just about a mile away from each other.. and a lot of fun twists and turns to drive on... so you tell me if you like no traffic or bumper to bumper traffic?