Monday, August 2, 2010

Trolling for Trophies

Just received a press release from the Kentucky Fish & Wildlife Foundation, who are having their "Trolling for Trophies" drawing at the end of this month. Apparently the winner of the drawing gets a $1000 shopping spree with Tim Farmer at Bass Pro Shops, an all-day chance to fish in a 13 acre private lake stocked with 50-inch muskie, 23-inch hybrids, 10-pound largemouths, 3-pound shellcrackers and 2-pound crappie. Plus, you get to be on TV, on the Kentucky Afield show.

Sounds pretty good to me... even though apparently neither trolling nor a trophy is actually involved! (The fish themselves are the trophies, I understand that, but still, I like trophy trophies!)


revolutionrevolution said...

maybe at the end of the event, that is if you win, you could take the fish that you catch, cover it in gold plating, and mount it on a marble and plastic stand that says "It's a Keeper!"

JSH said...

I guess any fish of that size are considered trophy fish, the kind one would want to mount and hang on the wall. I wouldn't know, since I've never caught anything bigger than an average catfish.

Further evidence of what a poor fisherman I am: all these years, I thought trolling was to drag a net behind your boat and gather up fish. I've been confusing it with trawling all this time. D'oh!

revolutionrevolution said...

Maybe the winner can convince Tim Farmer to go noodling with them.