Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Please help Catclaw Theatre!

My theatre company, Catclaw, is in dire need of funds to continue our weird and mysterious works, and to take it to another level. Catclaw benefits the community by bringing new quality and variety to the theatre scene in Kentucky and surrounding areas. Furthermore, for our traveling productions, we intend to promote Kentucky actors and give them new opportunities to make their talents known to a national (and even international) audience.

We have a goal of setting up our own theatre space in Louisville by this time next year. Help us reach that goal!

No donation is too small, and all donors will receive acknowledgement in our playbills and newsletters, plus receive special discounts and thank-you gifts. For supporters giving over $500, your donation will include exclusive VIP invitations to upcoming special events, as well as other benefits we haven't even thought of yet. Contact us for details on how superdonors will get free tickets for life, and/or free advertising in our playbills for life!

You can also support us by purchasing items from our eBay auctions, and if there's anything else we can do for you, just let us know. Seriously. We'll come over and cook you dinner and paint your fence and shovel the snow from your driveway for a donation. You tell us what you need.

Catclaw Theatre Company is not a 501(c)(3) entity at this time and gifts to us are not tax-deductible at present.

Our Paypal account address is sdeatrick@gmail.com. To donate, click the Paypal button below:


Anonymous said...

I wish I could contribute something. But I am broke right now and have been for some time. I think that I might like to try to audition for some of your plays at some point in time. Might be fun.

Anonymous said...

There haven't been many updates to this site in awhile. I'm hoping we'll see more in the unusual month of October.

If anyone would like to check out my youtube page, feel free to do so.