Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Madison County Meteor

Once when I was a kid living on the farm in Waco, KY, my father and I saw a huge red glowing ball streak down through the sky and disappear on the forested horizon. It made an audible crash, and a red glow momentarily rose the spot.

I've always wondered about that fireball from the sky, and a few years ago I decided to go poking around in the general vicinity that it appeared to have landed. I came upon this round pond that seemed uncannily like an impact crater. Unfortunately, the next time I came to the site to investigate further, construction work for homes had begun and obliterated the evidence.

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Anonymous said...

I still remember the night when I was a freshman at EKU and I looked out my dorm window and saw what looked to be an airplane burning up and drifting across campus, yet I never heard anyone else ever mention it or even say what it really was.

What do you think of this Georgia Bigfoot news? I find it strange that all the related websites are down. Maybe the government paranormal division is trying to prevent the unveiling, the trackers have learned it that it is just a hoax, or maybe these folks really did find, shoot, and kill bigfoot (since they say they have corpse), and they don't want people to know that in order to get it, they had to kill it, so they're going to cover up the evidence now.

Isn't bigfoot a protected species in some states?